From the start to finish, Creasey Printing Services is there for our customers to assist with every aspect of the printing process.


CPS offers complete typesetting services. Our experienced staff will arrange and prepare your publication to your specifications. Page proofs will be sent for your review. We will make sure everything has your approval before moving your project to press.


CPS will help you get your project ready for press from photo scanning to computer-to-plate (CTP). Our current state-of-the-art pre-press department saves time by eliminating the need for traditional films, going direct from electronic files to printing plates. The benefits to our customers are improved communications, reduced production time, increased flexibility and the ability to make last minute changes when necessary.

Soft Proofing

Our user-friendly interface allows our customers to view their press ready project through the internet. This allows several users to view your "Soft Proofs" simultaneously. Digital blue lines and color matchprint proofs are still available if requested.

Paper Selection

The paper you select determines the overall look and feel of your publication. We have a wide variety of stocks readily available, and we'll be happy to assist you in selecting the appropriate stock for your publication and your budget.

Cover Coatings

We offer cover coatings such as varnish, UV coating, aqueous coating, and gloss and matte lamination to enhance and protect your covers.


If you're looking for adding impact to your project, Creasey can offer die cutting, embossing and foil stamping options that will set your publication apart.


We offer the following binding options: Saddle-stitching, perfect binding, case making, Smythe Sewn, Otabinding (layflat), comb binding and spiral (plastic, wire, wire-o). All of our binding methods provide the best available materials every step of the way so your finished project is exactly what you expect.


We offer complete in-house mailing services. Our mailing experts can guide you through postal regulations to ensure your projects move through the mail as smoothly and inexpensively as possible.

CD Duplication and Web Conversion

Our services enable you to use your print investment in a variety of ways. CPS can take your final print files, put them in PDF bookmarked format and then duplicate them onto CD's. We can also convert your print files to HTML or PDF formats for the Internet. Images, covers or other elements from your print files can be made available for promotional purposes on the web. We can also provide full CD and sleeve printing services.


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